Dream11 Review

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When technology meets passion, a digital platform like Dream11 comes to an existence.

India has population of 1.3 billion and it is believed that there are 18 crore online cricket fanatics who use the internet to stay up to date on their favourite sport.

Dream11 took this raw passion of the people and gave them a platform to pick their favourite players in every match and compete with that team against others and the best team in terms of performance wins cash prizes.

The same concept was backed for Football, Basketball and Kabaddi games and in less than two years has changed the entire scenario of fantasy games in India.

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  • FOUNDED 2012

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  • GENRE Entertainment

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  • Like any other sports app, Dream11 is also available for Android, iOS and for Windows PC.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed on the respective devices, a user account has to be created either by an email or by facebook account
  • Once the account is all set, the user needs to add some money in the app wallet in order to participate in the contests and to add money; the user can use their cards details or can transfer it through PayTm
  • Once the minimum money is added to participate in a contest, a user selects a contest to join in preference of their favourite sports among Cricket, Football, NBA and Kabaddi
  • The user picks a match from his preferred sport and creates his fantasy team using 100 credits that is given to the user by the app in each and every match
  • Create your own team be the judge, jury and executioner of your team of who to play and who to not and compete with others
  • While creating a fantasy team the user has to keep in mind that he can only choose a maximum of 7 players from one particular team and select the remaining 4 players from the other team of any sports match
  • 1 hour prior to the match starts all Dream11 contests entry gets closed so the user has to join the contest before time runs out. Once joined a contest, changes can be made in the teams like who’s to be appointed as the captain or the vice captain or even any player before the actual match starts.
  • Once the game starts, the teams gets locked and points system start
  • Every player gets 1 point except for the Captain and Vice Captain as they receive 2 points and 1.5 points respectively and as the players keep on performing the points tally keep on changing
  • Once the match ends, according to the points the participants are ranked and if the user ends up holding a prize rank, a certain amount of money entitled to that rank is given away as the prize money
  • Now to withdraw the prize money for the first time from the Dream11 wallet, the user needs to share his or her PAN card details and Bank account number in the app
  • Please note, the point system is different for every sport. Cricket has a different point system just like football has its own point system and so on and so forth

Help Desk Dream11:

  • In the bottom of the screen the help desk column is located which would redirect you to a page where you can see the FAQs and ask for solutions if you are facing any issues of any sort in your account
  • If you have queries regarding deposits, withdrawals, points, etc you can email them at at fantasycricket@dream11.com.
  • They will update you on the status of your issue over the email only since they don’t entertain any technical support over calling

The refund policy of Dream11:

  • The refund policy of Dream11 becomes only applicable if any match that is cancelled from playing because of bad light, rain or any other reason than all the participants are refunded their money that they spent in joining the contests for that match. Moreover, if any contest has a head to head play option and there’s no other participant then that contest will also be considered as invalid, hence the entry fee will be returned.

Promotions Dream11:

  • If you can make your friends join through your Dream11 referral then you will be awarded Rs.100 cash bonus which can only be used to join contests and cannot be withdrawn.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”News” tab_id=”1523641348376-01f1ca78-3bd3″][vc_column_text]Internet giant Tencent in advanced talks to invest $100 million in Dream11-

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MS Dhoni becomes brand ambassador of gaming platform Dream11-

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