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December 15, 2017
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Reasons for Rising in Online Card Games App in India

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

Card games have always been a taboo in India since all sorts of gambling games are played with cards, the reputation of card games was not popular until a decade ago, online card games were still unheard of. However, the current scenario has completely changed now with the increasing number of card games app download makes evident the growing popularity of online card games. Social card games like Teen Patti, Poker, and Rummy which were successful even before their arrival into the digital space have been fortunate in garnering millions of users.

What are the reasons for the rise in online card games app in the market which has so many people hooked on it? Let’s take a look at these five reasons.

  1. Free downloading is available: Most of the developers of these online card games have made the apps available for free download. What more? Players can download the app on their mobiles, register with these sites and get started playing. Games like rummy have made it easier for people who wish to play rummy online. Either you could download the desktop version of the game to your PC, or you do rummy game download to your mobile you can play free rummy games. Further, youngsters, teenagers, women, older folks, etc., can enjoy the game as they do not have to blow a fortune to play these games.
  2. Pay extra and enjoy additional features: In case of rummy, the game publishers allow users to make in-app purchases or avail additional features by paying some excess amount. Some of the features are exclusive privileges, buying other chips, etc. These are very attractive for players who would like to enjoy the game but only at a nominal cost. All you need to do is download the rummy APK file, install it on your mobile and get started.
  3. Easy to transact: The ease with which players can download a rummy game and make online transactions like deposits and withdrawals is urging the growth of these games. Players can now create online transactions through their apps too. In some circumstances, there are rewards points if players do the deals through rummy apps. This feature has added to the increase in their download.
  4. Smooth transition from free to cash games: Most of the rummy sites enable their players to finish with free cashing games quickly. With the essential deposits made, the players are going to go. In some cases, they may need to download the cash games before participating. However, the ease with which players can shift from free to cash games makes it a desirable reason for the growth of these apps. Rummy games are a lot more exciting now!
  5. Amazing rewards points: When you download a rummy game, it is galore of rewards that you can anticipate. Rummy sites offer fruitful rewards points for the users. When they play freeroll tournaments, the rewards points are transferred to their accounts which the players could utilize for playing cash games or any other competitions. By this way, players can keep playing and reclaiming their reward points.


With mobile phones becoming the order of the day, classic Indian rummy game is becoming synonymous with relaxation. The days in the future will see the increase in these apps even more.

Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

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