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August 9, 2017
| On 4 years ago

New Government Order to Hit Online Rummy Games

By Rajib Kar

Telangana Cabinet wants to control the social evils caused by Online Rummy

Online rummy games have become an addiction to many young people across Telangana. That’s why the Government of Telangana has come up with a policy to control the social evils caused by this game. It is a freshly drafted policy.

The upcoming rule is a modification of Telangana Gaming Act, 1974. The Telangana Gaming (Second Amendment) Ordinance only made a certain level of changes in the previous act. It is following the order issued by the Cabinet a month back. The Cabinet wants to control all the social evils caused by online Rummy.

“Rummy is not a skill game; it involves skill partly and partly luck or chance,” the order says. As per that policy, online gaming is an offence. A person is blameworthy who opens a gaming house, owns it, operates it, or uses it. He/she will come under the banner of punishment.

Rajib Kar

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