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December 8, 2017
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Delhi High Court orders that betting in rummy is not illegal

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

In a recent verdict by the Delhi High Court, it stated that the decision made by a lower court regarding betting a nominal amount of money in playing rummy would not be considered as an illegal act of gambling.

The reason behind HC’s approval came because of an appeal filed by one Suresh Kumar. Suresh Kumar filed the appeal because of a trial court order ordering him to pay Rs 3 lakh to the Central Secretariat Club here as losses for filing a false police complaint. Addressing to the application by Kumar, Justice Valmiki J Mehta’s stated, “Trial court, in my judgment, has rightly thought that simply because a card game of rummy was played in the club bases with small stakes from a few annas to some rupees would not be considered as gambling as judged by the Supreme Court.”

Kumar, a retired employee of the club, had accused that a “mafia” ring ran there and the club approved gambling within its premises.

The trial court had, however, opined that Kumar had failed to free himself from the burden of proof, that is on him.

The High Court granted with the lower court’s views and noted that Kumar was “frustrated” as he had been dismissed by the club over misconduct.

“I concur with the discussion, reasoning, and inference of the trial court because the complaint filed by the appellant (Kumar) was on the reckoning of his disappointment of having been removed from the duties of the club and the allegations made by him were not bonafide made.

“They were made either as revenge or to pressurize the club to take him back in service along with the fact that complaint was lodged after around two years of him being discharged from the services with the club,” the court said.

Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

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