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February 17, 2018
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3 Hacks Every Rummy Player Should Know

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

Rummy is known to be an addictive game; a player develops a habit of playing rummy as soon as he gets exposed to it. The 13 card game of rummy can be played online and the rummy enthusiasts can play it according to their convenience.

People from all walks of life like to spare some time to master the art of playing rummy online, you can try playing this game too.

Here are a few Rummy Hacks every rummy enthusiast should know:

Build it with Basics:

Basics are the firm foundation upon which the perfection of a rummy player is built. Try to indulge in rummy games online that are meant for beginners. Entering on such platforms would give you the appropriate exposure where you can evaluate your skills without paying anything.  You can watch videos online and search for tips and tricks for playing rummy. Once you feel you have acquired sufficient knowledge about it, you can start playing rummy for cash where you would earn if you win.

Know your Opponents:

An expert of rummy knows that his opponent must be dealt wisely and should be never taken lightly. You should have a little bit of idea about the skill and level of your competitor. Understand the right time to re-arrange your cards, so that you get a lesser penalty. If at times you encounter seasoned players while playing the 13 cards rummy game and you have a bad hand, you should drop the game. This is possible only if you know how good your opponent is.

Act smart and make clever moves:

You chances of winning increase manifold when you make your moves smartly. Try to meld the cards and play steady instead of playing in haste. You should try to anticipate the moves of your opponent by analysing your discarded cards. Moreover, you can calculate the penalty score and drop out when you feel the tides are not in your favour.

An amateur can try these tricks to boost up his knowledge about the game.

Keep playing as practice would make you perfect in the game of online rummy.

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