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February 14, 2018
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Tips for mastering the skill of going all-in

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

The game of poker involves a lot of strategy-making and you must be well aware of the thumb rules to excel in the game. Stragies play a pivotal role in perfecting the art of poker, one such strategy is ‘all-in’.

When you decide to slide all his chips forward and are ready to put it at stake, it is termed as going all-in.

This step can prove to be a game changer as, when you decide to go all-in your opponent won’t be left with an option but would be forced to fold all his cards. This strategy is often termed as a ‘semi-bluff’ and is considered to be a move portraying your great confidence. But, this move might backfire if it is tried against a nemesis with better cards, it would make you out of the pocket or the tournament.

Thinking of going-all in a game of poker? here’s what you should consider:

When to go all-in:

  • If you are confident enough that you have got the best hand.
  • When you are not left with many chips
  • The right time of considering going all-in is when the idea of betting more than half of your chips is going-on in your mind.
  • When you think that your opponent is one card away from securing a win. By going all-in you will prevent him from grabbing that card.

Ending Hand matters:

You must know the art of combining, bluffing and position. The perfection would dawn upon you with practice. Thus play as many matches as possible to develop the skill of creating a good ending hand.

Consider some artithmetics:

Do the math and calculate an equation which may increase your probability of making it big when playing online poker. Make sure to estimate your chances whenever you have doubts as you would never be laced with all the information you need.

Say a big no to tilt:

Never get carried away in emotions in a game of poker. Being too emotional would make you take stupid decisions and you will ultimately lose. Your opponents always want to find your weak nerve, make sure you stay away from tilt.

Deal with opponents wisely:

Your tactics and techniques would start going in vain if your opponent realizes that you are always betting on a good hand to entice people. So, never underestimate your opponent.

All-in can be your best buddy, but not all the time. Weigh the outcomes and never go all-in if the pot is low.  Play wise and stay ahead !

Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

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