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February 13, 2018
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Spartan Poker India: The new favourite destination of Poker fans

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

Spartan Poker India

The Spartan Poker India, a leading online gambling poker website has changed the face of poker in India. Co-founded by Amin Rozani,  it is a platform that offers multiple tournaments and over 1600 people play poker daily on the website. The recently concluded Spartan Poker’s India Online Poker Championship recorded over 16,000 registrants at IOPC 2018 for a guaranteed prize pool of more than Rs. 7 crores.

Poker in India is in infancy but its emerging markets hold immense possibilities.

Spartan’s successful campaign

A marketing venture by the Spartan Poker to connect to the poker enthusiasts in India with their #BabajiRaiseTheBar campaign turned out to super successful.

By placing a funny Babaji as the face of the India Online Poker Championship at a time when the ‘babajis’ who boast of having a direct Bluetooth connectivity with God were being exposed, The Spartan Poker managed to intrigue the audience and breathed a new life into the Indian Poker market.

India Online Poker Championship

Amin Rozani, MD of the Spartan Poker says, “The #BabajiRaiseTheBar campaign was aimed to disrupt the superstition that surrounds the mind of Indian poker players – we wanted to make them understand that poker is not a mere game of fate but of skills and it involves strategies and brainstorming. It fitted right in with our previous campaigns where we promote Poker as a skill based sport.”

This edition of the India Poker India Online Poker Championship saw over 16,176 registrants participating in the 10-day tournament series which offered over 54 tournaments. The number of poker participants saw a great surge as the previous edition saw 10,500 participate in the tournament. This certainly is a silver lining for the poker enthusiasts in India.

The prize pool also saw a increase. The prize pool of 2017 edition was Rs. 3.5 Crores it almost doubled up this year, and with this IOPC has become a flagship online poker event for Spartan.

The tournament also witnessed 8 players becoming millionaires and the Leaderboard Challenge winner, Sajal Gupta walking with a new Jeep Compass car apart from his winnings in pay-out.

Future of Indian Poker

Amin remarked, “Poker is all about taking risks but these risks must be combined with informed intuition. The campaign came at the right time and we were ready to go for it as The Spartan Poker believes in breaking stereotypes in order to take this game forward.”

“In the end, it is poker that has triumphed and we are extremely happy,” he added.

The spartan poker would be back again with India Online Poker Championship and it plans for a grander event.

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