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April 16, 2018
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Sneak Peak into the PokerStars Lobby, the full tour before it opens up tomorrow

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

One of the grand names of the online poker industry, PokerStars opens its doors for the Indian audience with an array of games to keep the players entertained. It was not so long ago when they announced their arrival after tying up with Sachiko Gaming Private Limited, a Kolkata based company which is believed to be a branch of a Mumbai based organization called Sachar Gaming Private Limited. On our quest to deliver all the detailed information to our readers, Gambling India Info brings to you this step by step tour inside the lobby of PokerStars.In.

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A ton of new experience waits for everyone as they sign up for free in the PokerStars India website and get into the lobby. With an easy user interface, PokerStars are offering three types of Quick Seat poker games categorized as Cash Games, Tourney and Spin & Go.

  • Cash Games let the players join anytime they want
  • Tourney is divided into two types Sit & KO (Sit and Knockout) and Scheduled Tournaments. Once a user signs up for any tournament it will be then moved into the My Tournaments category from where the players can get the list of tournaments they registered for.
  • Spin & Go let the players to win up to Rs. 1.5 Crore for just a minimum entry fee of Rs. 1510.
Source: PokerStars

As starters, the Quick Seat games are expected to give a full experience to all its users.

But, that’s just the beginning. Now if we go to the All Games segment of the lobby there are five categories namely Cash, Zoom, Spin & Go, KO and Tourney. Each category provides a wide range of games.

  • On the Cash tables, a player can get the opportunity to try their luck in NL Hold’em and PL Omaha as of now.
Source: PokerStars

  • Zoom allows a player to try their hands in the tables with a minimum stakes of Rs 10/ Rs 25 and Rs 2/ Rs. 5 respectively.
Source: PokerStars

  • The Spin & Go is the same as the one in the Quick Seat

Source: PokerStars

  • In the Tourney, one can explore NL Hold’em Tournament for a Buy-In of Rs. 200
Source: PokerStars

And the last segment of the online lobby provides you with the information of how the free roll will work, which basically suggests to make a deposit of Rs. 30, 000 and you would get 100% First Deposit Bonus worth Rs. 30, 000. That bonus can be used to earn redemption points and those redemption points can be used to play more games.

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That’s not only what PokerStars delivered to the Indian players but also announced Muskan Sethi, one of the 100 Indian Women to be honoured by the President of India Ram Nath Kovind, to be the other PokerStars ambassador alongside Aditya Agarwal who also bagged the 2nd position in the 2018 Asia Pacific Poker Tour. Here’s the link to their promotional video:

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