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December 5, 2018
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Ranjivay Singh calls poker his guilty pleasure

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

Ranjivay Singh calls poker his guilty pleasure

Actor Ranjivay Singh has called poker his guilty pleasure and talked about the lessons that the game has taught him over the years. He said that he has learnt to be patient because of poker.

Speaking at IPC awards ceremony, where he was called to felicitate poker enthusiasts, Ranvijay said, “I am very excited for the ceremony. I have always been a supporter of emerging talent, and I feel privileged to get an opportunity of honouring the poker aficionados.”

“I would proudly like to add that poker is my guilty pleasure. I taught me a lot about patience, and I also learnt about the psychology of people.”

“I am looking forward to learning from poker players as I believe that these players might help me learn a trick or two,” he said.

Actress Shibani Dandekar was also present at the event.  Commenting on the game of poker and the experience of working with Dandekar, Ranvijay said, “For the first time I am attending a poker awards night.”

“I have played a lot of poker with my family and friends, and now I am looking forward to playing online whenever I get time. I hope to meet these poker pros and pick up a few tips on how to hone my skills and ace the game.”

Last year, Ranvijay Singh was announced as the brand ambassador of Spartan Poker. The face of one of the leading poker gaming portals, Ranvijay Singh had expressed his joy when he was selected as the first ambassador of the online portal.

Amin Rozani, MD and co-founder of The Spartan Poker had said at the time of association, “Poker is a game of skills which requires a lot of brainstorming. He is a youth icon and he has an uncanny personality. I think people would connect with him as he himself is an intellectual of the game.”

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