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March 21, 2018
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PokerStars partners with Sugal & Damani for its Indian website

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

PokerStars, one of the leading companies in the gambling world has partnered with an Indian Lottery group, giving the Indian poker enthusiasts an opportunity to try their luck and excel their skills of poker.

Market Entry:

Canada-based Stars Group has confirmed its partnership with lottery and gaming entity Sugal & Damani Group to enter the Indian arena of online gambling.

The time and the new online location has not been announced officially, but reportedly, the domain would have the domain extension .in. The domain name of the new website is a property of Sachiko Gaming Private Limited.

Kolkata-listed Sachiko- Gaming Private limited is reported to be a spin-off company of Mumbai-based Sachar Gaming Private Limited.

According to sources, the expected poker domain has been shut down to pave way for the way for the PokerStars web page. Earlier, The Stars group had announced its intentions of making an entry in the Indian market but now it seems that these plans might soon become reality.

The Indian Market of Online Gambling:

With 1.3 billion population, PokerStars’ desire to tap into the Indian market is quite obvious and now they have found a suitable partner to execute their plans.

“As the internet gambling legislation is still pending in most states of the USA, we look forward to making a few efforts in  India. PokerStars already has Aditya Aggarwal, one of its pro member from the country,”

Notably, Indian Poker Market is worth the US $150 million and studies suggest a steady growth.

India’s Supreme Court had legalized online games of skill in December 2016, providing the scope for operation of international online gaming organizations.

There was a condition that an entity or person incorporated in India could operate an online poker site. Thus, The Stars Group has collaborated with a licensed operator Sugal & Damani to enter the Indian market.

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  • This is still in play on a lot of great casinos today.

  • Almost all online casinos let you play with no bonus.

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