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February 9, 2018
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PokerStars to launch online poker in India

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

PokerStars comes to India

PokerStars, the most popular online poker site in the world, is all set to delight poker enthusiasts in India. For the people who love playing cards, especially game of poker would now have a chance to try their luck as the flagship brand of The Stars Group Inc. has announced at an event in Bengaluru that it would soon be launching online poker in India.
The PokerStars had already reached a landmark of 100 billion hands online in 2013. It has registered more than 165 billion hands online so far to leave behind other poker websites.

PokerStars pro, Aditya Aggarwal to be the face of online poker in India

Legendary PokerStars Pro, Aditya Aggarwal is the first-ever Indian to be recognised with the title of PokerStars Pro. Aditya would be representing his home country as a Team Pro.

He was also chosen as the official face of PokerStars of India in 2015. Aditya who was introduced to the game of poker while studying at Drexel University in the United States went on to become a globally recognized competitor after graduation. He would now be leading the campaign to promote poker in India to establish the game as a professional sport and a game of skill in India.

Speaking at the event, Aditya said, “Poker has managed to maintain its popularity as it has managed to evolve with time. PokerStars continues this evolution by providing a modern twist to the conventional poker that would not only attract the attention of poker enthusiasts but also of a broad spectrum of players. As a poker pro, I would like to promote the game in India so that I can inspire more players to learn and enjoy the game.” He believes that Poker would gradually gain popularity after PokerStars launch poker in India.

Aditya has registered phenomenal success in the game of poker and has won more than four million dollars in PokerStars tournaments. He has been playing online poker at PokerStars since 2004. With expertise in the game, he now wants to benefit the next generation of emerging PokerStars in India.


PokerStars is an online poker cardroom which can be accessed through downloadable poker clients. It is also the largest online poker site with control over two-thirds of the total online poker market.

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