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May 10, 2018
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Poker Sports League is back with its second edition in Goa

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

Poker Super League is back from May 9th to May 13th with its second edition and the finale will be held in Goa t Deltin Royale. Eleven city based teams will compete with each other in the league for a whopping INR 4.5 crore.

Each team will consist of a mentor/playing captain who will lead the team of 10 other members. Those 10 members team will comprise two professional players, two wild-card entries, two Live Qualifiers and three players from online qualifiers. All 11 teams were made after much research and analysis by their governing bodies. However, the mentors or playing captain are elected on the basis of popularity, for instance, the most popular player in the poker industry will be hailed as the mentor because of their sheer will and experience in the industry.

After that the two professional players are chosen after a series of tests then those applications will be tallied upon the success rate of those players in the last three years. The two Live Qualifiers are elected by a different process than the professional players. They are chosen on the basis of their performances in the live poker tournaments played across India by Poker Super League.

The three online qualifiers are selected from the online qualifying round hosted by for a time period of three months.

The 11 teams that would participate in the Poker Super League are Delhi Panthers, Bengaluru Warriors, Gujarat Falcons, Goan Nuts, Punjab Bluffers, Kolkata Kings, Pune Sharks, Mumbai Anchors, Rajasthan Tilters, Chennai Thalaivas and Andhra Bullets.

Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

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