May 9, 2019
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“Poker should be treated as a profession”- Jay SayTa

By Bisma Qamar

Entrepreneur Jay Sayta expresses his views on the growth of Indian Poker

It all started with a blog named G- Laws when Sayta was pursuing law and couldn’t find anything essential on Gaming or gambling laws. He developed his interest in poker, gambling and precisely gaming laws and within a span of 3-4 years, he has established his own website as a leading portal for gaming and gambling news. Now through his website, he educates and aware those who think poker and gambling are the same.

But it was not an easy task as gathering information about poker is not something which you will find easily. So Satya started thorough research on the subject and kept a track online of gambling as well as poker. He also used to interact with people who are associated with it like Poker Players and respective companies.

In an exclusive interview with Gambling India Info when we asked him about writing a book on the subject he said “I have thought about it in the past and I hope to write a book soon…. It will be a book on gambling, betting and lottery laws.” Gambling being a court subject India which has several issues, laws, verdicts and rules in every state Satya doesn’t want to rush into this one.

He believes that poker in India is growing at a phenomenal rate and millions of people are engaging themselves with it so the government might also accept its importance in the near future.

When asked about the myth which revolves around poker that it is same as gambling and it’s not a game of skill, he explained:” A global surveys on Poker proved that you need to be consistently good at the game to be able to perform and win.”

Apart from this, in India itself, poker has been designated as a game of skills. States like West Bengal and Nagaland have a provision which states that poker is not gambling and here, once you are in the game of skill you are out of the ambit of gambling. However, it is a matter which still needs to be rectified by the Supreme Court in India.

Source: IPleaders blog

While dwelling over the subject of Taxation System in India, Satya was quite disappointed with the attitude of the govt. and he thinks to give a 10% tax on Rs. 10,000 winnings are totally unfair to the point that it is cruel. He said “It’s very high taxed and that is the way the law is right now but definitely that is not the way it should be. For games like poker where the players win and lose constantly so it should be at the end of the year that whatever the net winning of a player is they should impose a tax on that basis. It should be treated as a profession.”

He further propels on the fact that govt. support is what the poker lacks and he hopes that govt. changes its view sooner than later and takes a holistic approach. They should make certain policies in order to regulate control its misusing as people of the country is not entirely ready for this and they need to be aware of this.

Anyhow, legalizing poker is always a tough call for the govt. and it’s a long process in India, maybe in next few years it will get legalized till then enjoy the thrilling world of Poker and stay tuned with Gambling India Info

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