August 27, 2018
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Poker is absolutely a game of skill, says Universal Boss Gayle

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

With the increase attention to the world of the gaming industry as of late, Poker being the pinnacle of it is often criticized for the luck factor that is involved in the game and not the skills required playing it. Speaking of which to the media, in Delhi, ‘The Universal Boss’ Chris Gayle said that poker is a game of skill in all aspects and it is no different than cricket.

Earlier, the five times world champion and Grand Master in chess Viswanathan Anand, supported poker by saying that it needs same amount of patience and strategies to win a game of chess, one bad move could cost the game if took advantage by the opponent. Same goes with poker, one bad call can change the whole game.

Chris Gayle, who has recently joined adda52 as their brand ambassador, is an avid poker player over the years now. According to him, poker is a great way to stimulate the mind and is the stress buster one needs after a tormenting cricketing schedule throughout the year. The 38 year old swashbuckling batsman who has created his legend by clattering fours and sixes all around the world against all cricketing nations, chose to be the brand ambassador of Adda52 to promote awareness of poker in India.

Gayle quoted, “Poker is definitely a game of skill and to play it one needs to learn the terms and techniques and should also have a strategy in place to perform better on the table. Talking about the luck factor in the game, all sports need some sort of luck to excel in it. If it is not so then every batsman and every bowler would have created records. For instance, in a cricket game if your catch is dropped early by the opponent and you ended up scoring a century then you are very very lucky as well. There are plenty of other cricketers who play poker to take a break from their hectic schedule. Moreover, in my opinion playing poker is mentally relaxing and enjoyable.”

Whether Poker is a game of skill or not will be a long going debate for any day but the Universe Boss believes that with time, people will learn to see poker as the way it is, a game of skill.

Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

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