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April 11, 2018
| On 3 years ago

After MIPL, Viaan Industries launch Online Team Poker League in India

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

The season II of Match Indian Poker League (MIPL) saw reaching new heights on 31st March, 2018 and with its grand success, Raj Kundra owned Viaan Industries now launch Online Team Poker League (OTPL).

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The Poker scenario in India is changing with the arrival of the online poker leagues in India previously by PokerGuru, Adda 52 and now joining them is Viaan Industries. With a slot for thirty teams across India the poker league will see these teams battling online twice a month for an entire year. The prize pool will be INR 6.6 crore and to get a part of that all the participating teams have to finish among the top eight teams. Now these eight teams will have a team of eight poker players each who would then compete with each other in a ‘sit and go’ NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em Tournament through a specially designed app provided by the Viaan Industries Limited. When the season will come to an end in November, the winners will be declared on the basis of the total chip counts of all team players of each team and the team with the most chips counts will lift the trophy and the prize pool will be distributed among the top eight teams. But, the league leaders will also get an opportunity to represent India in the World Online Team Poker League (WOTPL) to be held every year in December. It is also said that the OTPL will also be launched in other countries like USA, United Kingdom and Israel as a start and then expanding to other countries gradually.

Viaan Industries also aim to make the poker experience a unique for all the poker enthusiasts and players by giving them the opportunity to make in app purchases of own poker rooms and practice sessions for the tournament. Hoping to cater every element of the Poker world to all the poker players, Viaan uses an advanced technology in the app that will take note of game-plays, administer the entire competition and would even keep track of the records achieved by the players in the tournament which can even be accessed for future purposes. All players from every nook and corner of the world will be able to learn from the recorded data.

The inaugural season OTPL will be flagged off in July, 2018 and each team will be sold for tenure of five years to the owners for INR 10 Lakh alongside an annual license fee. Season II of OTPL is all set to kick off in January, 2019 and end in Novemeber. The first season will be more like testing the water, to find out if there are any aspects that can be improved so that the players can get an enhanced experience. It is believed that the parent company will make a profit of INR 75 crore from OTPL’s license rights in India in the first five years. The license fee of INR 55 lakh can be paid to in INR 10 lakh payable upfront and the remaining amount can be paid in installments.

Speaking of the Online Team Poker Launch, Viaan Industries Limited honcho Raj Kundra said, “After seeing the success of Match Indian Poker League we at Viaan Industries Ltd, created this IP to have a yearlong poker event to give the opportunity to more poker players to come forward and use this platform to showcase their skills. We have designed the app to support and promote OTPL worldwide. It will create an exciting Poker in a team format that’s never been seen or done before. In December we will have the World Online Team Poker League (WOTPL) where the league winners of every country will play against each other in a one-day online world cup event.”

Now that, OTPL is here and also announced their arrival it is going to be a gala time for all the poker players in India.

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