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March 29, 2018
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Indian man, Aditya Agarwal, finishes 2nd in 2018 Asia Pacific Poker Tour

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

It could have been his day, but with a twist of fate, Aditya Agarwal finishes second in 2018 Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) with a whopping amount of HK$ 1,900,000 after LinWu from China who won the tournament and bagged HK$ 3,095,000.
The day started for Agarwal on a happier note when HK$ 2,035,000 but it didn’t stay like that for long when Agarwal started to bleed chips to Chun Chiu. He then turned things around by jumping the gun and bet 100,000 which took Chieng by surprise still he called which led to the KK5 flop on the table, and everyone checked it. Agarwal raised the stake to a nominal amount after seeing a 4 of hearts dealt in the flop. Chieng called it, and that led to the 4 of spades as the final card to finish the flop. Seeing the cards on the board, Agarwal fired another bet of 250,000 and Chieng decided to give up. Agarwal now had 1.8 million with him.

Since the morning Agarwal was the most active player on the table and traded chips back and forth in all hands that are played till the first elimination of the day arrived. The first player to be eliminated was Maxi Lehmanski who fell short of Lin Wu in a flush and went packing in the sixth place. Sooner after Lehmanski left the table, Agarwal lost a huge pot to Wu and then after some hands, once again lost but this time to Phanlert Sukonthachartnant.

Fate smiled upon Agarwal now, and in one of the more pivotal hands, Agarwal scored a huge double from Wu and once again became the leader of chips on the table with 3.2 million chips. Now that he became the man of the table it was time to cut off the weaklings from the game who by that time were nothing more than a distraction to the main goal for Aditya. Aditya packed Alexandre Chieng’s like the fifth person to be eliminated from the table. Agarwal’s confidence was slammed hard by both Wu and Sukonthachartnant, who now realized that this Indian man would create some serious trouble for them as long as he is on the table. Both of them made Agarwal bleed chips on the table, and Agarwal was pushed down to the fourth place on the leaderboard of chips. Once again, with devil’s luck, Agarwal gained momentum and went on to win three hands in a row to further touch 6.7 million in chips. It was now time for another distraction to be removed from Aditya’s path. The sword turned towards Chun Chiu, with whom Aditya had a tough duel and won everything from Chun on his bet of 870, 000 to be in control of 7,475,000 in chips against Wu’s 3,205,000 and the former took no time in further expanding his stack to 7.9 million.

From the other side, Wu was also on an attacking spree and chipped away Agarwal’s money several times. After a series of continuation with both the Titans are going on a head to head duel, in one hand when it all could have ended for either one got chopped in two pots which both Agarwal and Wu bagged in respectively.
Eventually, Wu managed to score a huge double up through Agarwal to take the chip lead. A few hands later, Agarwal lost another big pot and slipped down to below 15 big blinds. Agarwal put up a fight and went on to win a few small ball pots to recover somewhat, reaching over 3 million in chips. The comeback continued as Agarwal managed to increase his stack up to 3.78 million. Aditya finally managed to bridge the gap and moved over to over 4.5 million chips but then lost a couple of crucial pots to come back down to 3.55 million. After exchanging the lead sometimes, Wu got ahead and this still managed to hold on.

On the last hand of the event, Agarwal dragged himself, and Wu jammed. Agarwal had around 2.5 million and instantly called with a pair of 8s while Wu tabled A 4. An ace on the window declared Wu the champion as the Indian people saw its biggest poker star miss out on the title.

Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

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