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February 16, 2018
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Go for Slow Playing in Poker: Do’s

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

When you play poker, you play for it for money. With no offence intended to the people who play it just for fun; one ultimately plays to make it big.

Few like to make it fast while a few go for ‘slow playing’.

Slow playing is a deceptive move in poker where the players fake to be weak or passive despite having a strong holding. This strategy is usually adopted hoping that someone else playing will raise. The goal is to make your opponent think that you have a weak hand, eventually enticing them to continue betting and inflating the pot.

This way you choose not to represent your strength and just check or call. If it is executed smartly, it can result in making you win a bigger pot than what you might have won if you played ‘fast’.

Here are few Do’s of Slow Playing:

Do Slow Play:

Image a situation where you have an eight of hearts and an eight of spades, and another eight appears on the flop to give you a set. Here you have got a really strong hand but you decide to go for slow playing. These are the considerations you should make before making the move:

While playing against Loose and Aggressive Opponents:

The idea of slow playing works best against the players who play a high percentage of hands and the ones who often tend to bet and raise a lot post-flop. The former ones are called the loose players while the latter is the aggressive players. Such players would ‘bet the hand for you’ and start building a pot.

Against such players, it is wise to call on the flop, and then perhaps raise the turn with your set. When you slow play, you set a trap to capture the opponents’ chips. It also works when players do not seem to be paying attention to the way you have been playing; in low-stakes live games or in some online poker games.

While Playing on ‘dry’ Non-coordinated Boards:

Say you have set of eight of hearts and an eight of spades, and the board has a King of clubs, 8 of diamonds and two of spades. It is termed as a ‘dry’ or non-coordinated flop which would not present you any of immediate flush or straight draws. here you may consider playing slow.

In a Heads-up situation:

You should not consider going for a slow play in all the heads-up situation, rather consider it against a single opponent in multi-way pots. It would even be better if your opponent is loose or aggressive and the board is dry.


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