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February 19, 2018
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Go for Slow Playing in Poker: Don’ts

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

It’s Good to plate up your sleeves and never show your real strength to your opponent. You can consider going for slow play but always keep in mind that slow playing is more of an art than science which requires some discerning judgments.

You must not go for slow-play until and unless you are too sure of your move, as the move may backfire.

So, you must not go for slow playing in these conditions.

While Playing against Tight or Passive Opponents

If you are playing against a tight or passive player, never consider of going for slow playing. If your opponent tends to fold a lot and he plays a few hands and when he is doing a lot of checking and calling, the idea would be a bad one. In this case, you need to flop that monster first.

After flopping a set, leading out with a bet against such players is in fact a good strategy. If they are tight and they are playing strong starting hands, they are most expected to have something of value. Moreover, Passive players like to call and stick around to see turns and rivers.

Don’t think of going for sandbagging in such situation as you would miss value post flop.

While Playing on Wet, Coordinated boards

Let’s imagine that is well-coordinated and they give your opponent flush or straight draws. In such cases fast playing is more favourable as you would not want to be checking these flops and giving your opponents a chance at that ‘free card’ on a turn that might complete their draws. Also, these boards are most likely to have hit your opponents’ hands as they might have one-pair or even two pair hands and will therefore be more likely to call if you bet.

While Playing against Multiple Opponents:

If you have some very strong hand in a multi-way pot, you would rather like to bet the hand or raise someone else’s bet. With multiple opponents it’s more likely that someone has a piece of flop and will give you the action you desire. So, there is no point of slow playing.

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