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February 15, 2018
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5 Steps to Learn Poker Quicker and Faster

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

Poker is known to be a game of chance, but there is a lot more to it. It is a blend of strategies and skills which puts your risk-taking abilities to test.

Betting is an intrinsic part of the play, which is determined according to the combinations of players’ cards. Ideally, the one who has got the cards and has strategy is the one who wins in this game, but sometimes luck plays a pivotal role.

So all the players out there who are in agog to play the game of poker but are clueless on how to start, there are plenty of sources which can make you a poker pro; you just need to take baby steps in the right direction while starting.

If you are new to poker and you want to learn the game of poker, try these resources to gain wisdom:

Start from the scratch:

Do proper reasearch and study the set of rules for playing variants of poker. Try to visit a live poker tournament in India to get the real feel of the game. Observe in the beginning and if you think that poker is your cup of tea, you are ready to start working on the basics of the game. Basics play a crucial role in shaping  you up as a professional poker player.

Watch Videos:

Poker videos are one of the most popular and trendy way to learn the game. Ensure that you are watching right kind of videos and develop a basic understanding through these videos. For instance, if you want to grab a knack for hand reading, watch videos related to hand reading only. Move on to learn the next set of sills once you get a fair idea about the hand reading. You can find  plenty of videos on Youtube which could help you.

Read Voraciously:

Read books, articles and try to focus your study on the hands that confuse you. Read books on bankroll management, psychology, how to control emotions and tilt. Imbibing these books would enlight you from basics and they would teach you some strategies too.


Once you are done with the basics, you may now proceed to share your knowledge with other players on the forums. Forums help you interact with numerous other players and you can also clear your doubts related to any strategy. It is a little difficult to find genuine where players are friendly and willing to help but a little efforts would take you at the right platform. These forums follow a two way communication process , so make sure to balance ‘give and take’ concept.

Play for achieving perfection:

Once you are through basics and confident enough to try your luck in poker, start playing it. There are many poker sites which offer 100 per cent joining bonus that helps people earn some extra bucks.

Try to involve yourself in the game and use these steps to establish yourself as a good poker player. Good Luck!

Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

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