Poker Interviews

Poker Interviews

Get to know what the Pro players are up to in their lives and games through Poker Interviews. And also see the latest talks with big-time players for upcoming tournaments. Being a game of skill you can always learn something from these big players when it comes to poker.

Besides that, you can know the major upcoming tournaments and which players are playing in those tournaments. It is always advantageous top stay updated with the news and changes. At gambling India Info you can check out all the poker related news and interviews. We work towards providing you with first-hand information and keep you in sync with all the exciting stuff that is happening out there.

“Poker should be treated as a profession”- Jay SayTa

Entrepreneur Jay Sayta expresses his views on the growth of Indian Poker It all started with a blog named G-…

8 months ago

GII Exclusive: All-in with Abhishek Goindi

GII Exclusive: All-in Abhishek Goindi Poker in India is growing rapidly and people have begun to accept the game of…

12 months ago

Playing Aces with Ease: Poker Pro Muskan Sethi talks about the game, stakes and more

Playing Aces with Ease: Shattering stigmas the Sethi Way   Muskan Sethi, the first female Indian poker player to receive…

1 year ago

‘Seeing the world through Poker is an experience on its own,’ says poker pro Dhaval Mugal

In a one on one conversation with Gambling India Info, poker player Dhaval Mugdal shares his passion for the game…

2 years ago

‘Have patience and play within your bank roll’ just like Guruprasad Gupta does

Introduction: Sometimes one small decision in our daily lives can change our entire lives. It doesn’t has to be a…

2 years ago