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Gambling In India

Gambling is majorly banned in India with exceptions to a few states allowing Horse Racing and some state sponsored lotteries. Gambling in India is in the grey area. Despite being illegal in India, gambling market is worth र 3 lakh crore ($60 billion) per year. Hence, efforts are now being made on legalising sports betting; majorly Cricket as Indians love to gamble. While some oppose it, many argue that the legalisation would bring in huge tax revenues for the government.

Poker In India

Poker is a card game that combines skills along with gambling, and strategy. Hence, Poker is legal in India as it is a game of skill and not a game of chance. Today, many such websites offer online poker and are operating in a grey area in India. Playing poker in India is legal provided you pay TDS on your winnings. Poker is highly popular in India, and there are many poker pro players from India who play poker for their living and have won many big tournaments across the world.

Rummy In India

Supreme Court of India declared Rummy to be a game of skill or mere skill in 1968. Rummy requires a set amount of skills as the fall of the cards need to be memorised. It also requires a lot of skills in holding and discarding cards. Therefore, Rummy is a game of skill, which makes it legal to play in India, including online Rummy.

Fantasy Cricket In India

Fantasy games have seen a massive success all over the world, where fantasy cricket tops Indian markets. It requires the users to create their virtual team of real player and the user scores depending on the chosen players performance in real life. Fantasy Cricket in India is legal since it is classified as a Game of Skill similar to Fantasy Sports in the United States.