March 20, 2018
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Maharashtra to enact law for regulating Online betting

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

The State of Maharashtra is mulling to bring regulatory policies for online betting and gambling to curb the menace of illegal betting.

Home Minister Ranjit Patil said that the state government would soon enact a law that would regulate online gambling and betting. Different states have different provisions regarding betting and lottery, but Maharashtra currently has no such policy that can regulate the activities on the internet.

While speaking in the Legislative Council on Monday during a debate on an alleged betting racket run by Game King India Private Limited, Minister said, “We are waiting for CERT’s (Computer Emergency Response team). But we will certainly frame laws for the regulation online betting.”

The owner of Game King India Private Limited, Ramesh Chaurasia was arrested by police Mumbai.  The opposition alleged that Chaurasia had set up 500 illegal gambling parlours in Mumbai. Reportedly, he is the mastermind of the 5,000-crore racket who ran his business in seven states and 15 countries and the opposition leader Dhananjay Munde, has claimed that Chaurasia had the support of the state police.

“What is stopping Mumbai Police from shutting down this site? Why aren’t they arresting Mr. Chaurasia?” Asked Mr. Munde.

The government said Mr. Chaurasia was operating illegal parlours under the garb of video game parlours for which he had received permissions from the local body. The Indore Police had also announced a bounty of Rs. 20,000 on him.

“Mumbai Police has registered seven cases against him, Once we get the CERT report, he would get arrested and we will also shut his website,” he said.

“The Indore Police arrested him after almost after one and a half, but we won’t take that long,” he added.

Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

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