March 7, 2018
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Gambling Laws in Tripura

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

The state of Tripura neighbors the state of Sikkim where gambling and setting up casinos is legal.

Despite sharing its border with the beautiful state of Sikkim where placing bets is constitutional, Tripura still follows the 1867 Gambling Act, therefore betting in Tripura is illegal.

Gambling in Tripura:

The state bans gambling and the keeping of gaming houses publicly or privately within Tripura.

This act excludes horse racing from the parlance of gaming and does not considers it illegal.

Apart from this, gaming of all sorts which includes instruments of gaming or uses gaming houses, tents or enclosed spaces for gaming purpose is deemed illegal and the person whoever allows conducting business or advances money for the same would be held liable, on conviction and would be fined or imprisoned.

Is Lottery Legal in Tripura?

In 2005, the state stepped up and permitted the selling and buying of lottery online as legal.

Since then the country has registered a remarkable surge in revenues.

The revenues have increased as many players love to invest their money in trying their luck in the lottery.

Moreover, the reduction of administrative costs has also contributed towards inflow of revenues.

Rampant Gambling, a concern for the state:

Teer gambling has become a hot issue throughout the state especially in the district of Dharmanagar.

The increased fondness for the game where the youth has started to place bets upon prohibited gambling and betting activities. With a motive to become rich quickly, a large section of society is shifting toward illegal gambling.

The newly sworn-in Chief Minister Biplab Dev would be inheriting the challenge of taking out the people of Tripura from the clutches of gambling addiction.

The state needs to come up with some regulatory measures and policies that could guide the youth brigade and set them on the right path.

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