February 14, 2018
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Gambling Laws in Jammu and Kashmir

By Rajib Kar

Jammu and Kashmir, the only Muslim-majority state in India, is the subject of a territorial conflict among three neighbouring Countries – India, Pakistan, and China. As every Indian state, Jammu & Kashmir follows unique gambling policies.

2015: Deputy CM Nirmal Singh bats to permit casinos

In 2015, Nirmal Singh, the Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, voiced for gaming in the state. He was of the opinion of emulating Goa’s casino model with a long-term aim to boost Jammu & Kashmir tourism. As per the Deputy CM, more than 1.4 million tourists visit Kashmir annually.

Jammu & Kashmir Public Gambling Act, 1977

Jammu & Kashmir Public Gambling Act, 1977, extends to the entire state, prohibiting all forms of gaming in ‘common gaming houses’. This act enlists punishment for the violation of the act. A “Common Gaming-House” is described a house, room, tent, space, vehicle, walled enclosure or vessel which is used for the profit or gain of the owner. “Instrument of gaming” is defined as an article which is used as a means of or for the purpose of carrying on or facilitating gaming.

  1. Penalty for subsequent offence
  2. Penalty for owning or keeping or having charge of a gaming house
  3. Penalty for being found in gaming house
  4. Power to enter and authorise police to enter and search
  5. Penalty on persons arrested for giving false names and addresses

Under this act, a police officer is open to apprehend without any warrant if a person is found playing for money (or other valuable things) with cards, dice, counters or other gaming instruments. A person associated with the same shall be brought to a Judicial Magistrate. The penalty do not exceed five hundred rupees or six-month- imprisonment. Moreover, the Jammu & Kashmir Public Gambling Act, 1977 imposes ban on online betting or gambling of any kind.

74% Indians in Favour of Sports Betting: FICCI

‘Regulating Sports Betting in India: A Vice To Be Tamed’ is a report paper published by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. It found over seventy percent Indians believed that legalising sports betting would help curb match-fixing.

The state government’s stance on sports betting is liberal, as the cabinet thinks that a fair and more trusted betting experience for consumers with entertainment in a controlled and responsible way.

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