March 6, 2018
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Gambling Laws in Assam

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

Gaming and gambling which includes the combination of skill and chance have remained an inseparable part of the Indian psyche.

Fuelled by growing demands and fondness for gambling among people across the world, nations have begun to view it as a profitable source. However, the year’s long debate over the fate of gambling still runs in many countries. India also has certain rules which regulate the gambling in several states of India.

Gambling in Assam:

Assam government used to issue gambling licenses to certain ethnicities in 1939 after 1939 Assam Amusements and Betting Tax Act, but these licenses were revoked in 1969 when Assam adopted Public Gambling Act of 1962 that outlaws all sort of Gambling.

However, the game of Teer-Khel is quite popular on street corners.

Is gambling legal in Assam?

None of the websites offering games of skill including rummy, chess, poker, golf etc. offer their services to the residents of Assam as the laws of the state prohibits any sort of gambling within their boundary under Assam Game and Betting  Act 1970.

Assam does not permit any games where a person stakes money.

The Assam Act does not permit staking of money or money’s worth on the happening or determination of an unascertained event, thing or contingency for or in relation to any game or sport etc. It is also illegal to conduct any business venture allowing participants to play even skill games for money.

The Constitution:

The Constitution of India gives a state the right to legislate and make laws according to their wish about ‘gambling and betting’. The seventh schedule Entry 34 List II asserts that the states could legalize betting if they wish to do so.

Till date only two states have laws against gambling, Assam being one of them and Odisha being the other one. 13 states have legalized lottery and 2 other states namely Sikkim and Goa have legalized many other forms of gambling.

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