August 8, 2018
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AIGF Skill Charts to regulate the Skill Gaming Industry for a better future

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav


In order to regulate the skill gaming industry, All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) laid down some Skill Games Charter which are expected to evolutionize the skill gaming industry for the better. The games of Poker, Rummy and Fantasy sports that come under the skill gaming industry are believed to be the most benefitted games under these new regulations.

The regulations will need the mentioned games in the skill gaming industry to self-regulate themselves on their online platforms. According to the pundits, these regulations will help to keep the gaming industry transparent to the users and also to protect the user’s interests.

What it contains?

The Skill Games Charter has come up with some ground rules for its users and future users to maintain transparency and disclosure, security and responsible gaming, integrity, legality, breach and consequences are some of the many aspects that will help preserving the skill gaming industry. The charter also provides new regulations for Online Rummy, Fantasy Sports and Online Poker games.


To strengthen the future of the skill gaming industry, the Skills Charters have also laid down an Audit Assessment Framework for Gaming Operators. If these audits are incorporated, it will help to keep a track of all the money and transaction. Moreover, it will also help in bringing in more revenue to the industry. AIGF even approached one of top 4 consulting firms of the country to draft it.

What is AIGF?

AIGF came into existence in 2016 and ever since has been extremely committed to solve all issues related to the Indian Gaming Industry and their stockholders through conferences, events, discussions, knowledge papers, briefings and what not.

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