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March 19, 2018
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Real Madrid vs Girona 6-3 Match report and breakdown

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

In our prediction for this match, we stated that Real Madrid would do whatever it takes to keep the three points and they did. Surprisingly in our prediction, we suggested our readers to appoint Cristiano Ronaldo as the captain and Vasquez as the vice captain in one team and on the other team, we suggested that Asensio. Here are the snapshots:

Anyway, getting back to the match report here’s the complete breakdown of the goals.

1st-45th minutes –

When Real Madrid hosted Girona in Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, the race for the League title was over theoretically since Lionel Messi ensured that his team stays above everyone else by standing on his shoulders, the world looked up to Cristiano Ronaldo to lead them from the front and he scored the opener in the game with Toni Kroos assisting him in the 11th minute. Giving the Galacticos across the world one more reason to scream their lungs out with joy. Cristiano Ronaldo looked hungry for goals from the start when his free-kick failed him seven minutes prior to  Kroos’s calculated pass from the left, outside of the opponent’s penalty box needed only a genuine touch to end up in the back of the net and Ronaldo casually strikes it with his left leg, to the far end of the post. Bono made a jump to his left but he couldn’t reach out to the ball conceding the first goal of the match.

Girona, was not be backed down with just one goal so they kept on trying and trying to get past Keylor Navas on the other end when Cristhian Stuani, scored the equalizer for Girona with a header from a corner and gave concerns to all Madristas everywhere.

46th – 69th minutes –

The first half ended with a satisfactory note for both the teams as they have both managed to get past their opponent in the first half. The second half was picked up by Real Madrid, where they have left in the first half. Karim Benzema, took to the party by firing up a through ball to Cristiano Ronaldo and CR7 lofted the shot past the goalkeeper one more time, scoring his second for the game and the second for his team as well.

12 minutes later, Benzema chased after a through ball by Marcelo and passed it to Ronaldo in the centre of the penalty box once again from the left wing. Ronaldo received the ball, turned 180 degrees and lay the ball gently to Lucas Vazquez, who had already missed out two perfect goal scoring opportunities, tapped the ball with his right leg on to the far right end of the goal post making the scoreboard read 3-1 for the hosts. With that goal, it was evident Girona wouldn’t be winning this game. In the 64th minute, Asensio crafted another sure goal for Benzema when he assisted him from the right side of the opponent’s penalty box. Benzema, was finally on fire and he received the ball, looked up where the goal is and tried a one touch finish that rebounded from goalkeeper’s body and ended up in a no man’s land. Cristiano Ronaldo was following it up and struck the ball hard one more time to the back of the net. It completed Ronaldo’s hat-trick but he wasn’t satisfied with it. When the game was tending towards Real Madrid’s victory, Cristhian Stuani, from another corner headed the ball just past Keylor Navas to make the score 4-2.

70th-93rd minutes –

Strengthening their dominance on the ground, Madrid’s gaffer decided to take off Marco Asensio and Mateo Kovacic together. They were replaced by Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. The inclusion of these two star players in the middle hinted that Real Madrid won’t be taking it easy on their guests till the end. Adding to the woes already of away side, Luka Modric planted a through ball to Gareth Bale in the penalty box which he took it with weak foot and that bounced off the goalie to the back of the net in the 86th minute. There are four more minutes to be played in this game and the scoreboard reads 5-2. Girona, being desecrated with that goal didn’t give up their efforts as if they believed in magic or in themselves that they can still get back in this game and they reduced the 3 goals to difference to 2 with another header from the corner in the 88th minute. They still had hope because that’s how Watford defeated Chelsea in the English Premier League a few weeks ago. For Real Madrid it was time to test their integrity in the time of hardship because couple of league matches before, they lost to Espanyol in the extra time. The tension was building up on both sides so were there attacking frequencies. The 90th minute barrier was passed, the assistant referee held the timer and gave three more minutes to the game but Cristiano Ronaldo had to score one more goal so that his haters couldn’t say that he didn’t deserve that hattrick. Toni Kroos knew that only he could give him that opportunity so in the 91st minute, Kroos gave a through ball to Ronaldo from outside the box that got past four defenders and ended in front of the Portuguese ace which he once again send it to the back of the opponent’s net to make it 6-3.

Cristiano Ronaldo was rated 10 out 10 by WhoScored after this match!

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