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October 30, 2017
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Accused of cricket betting racket gets bail from BHC as he’s acting as a courier

By Rajib Kar

The Bombay high court in its justice has granted a bail to Alpesh Patel, the person is only acting as a courier in a recent cricket betting case. However, his partner in crime Praveen Behara is accused of a non-bailable offence. Both of them are recently arrested from a cricket betting racket in a police raid earlier this month. The racket is associated with a cricket match between the latest India and Australia series. The accused intended to collect Rs 5 lakh from a bookie and his co-accused. Justice AM Badar stated, “At the pre-conviction stage, there is a presumption of innocence of the accused and the detention is not supposed to be punitive or preventive.”

This case gets a tip-off on September 21 when a team from Thane Police Station arrested two men who are associated with illegal cricket betting. One person has been enjoying the match on TV in Room 105 of Hotel Shambhuji while the other has been engaged in receiving calls on his mobile phone. The mobile phones of the convicted are seized by the police during the arrest.

Harshad Ponda, the advocate of Alpesh Patel, has argued that his client is accused of a bail able offence as his job has been only to act as a courier only. The prosecutor, Anamika Malhotra, regarded this incidence as a “serious crime of gambling” and opposed his plea to get a bail. According to her, Patel has been booked for a similar offence earlier. The magistrate rejected his plea then but it is not clear when he has gone to Behara on October 3 to receive that amount.

The police department has suspected that the seventh accused in the racket was a money transporter only. After observing that Patel’s police custody was over and his continued judicial custody was not required in the case, Justice Badar has granted him bail on a PR bond of Rs15,000 with a guarantee of not repeating the same crime again.

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