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November 27, 2018
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Teer Results 28/11/2018- Shillong, Khanapara and Juwai Teer

By Akshay Singh

Teer results

We are here with the results for 28/11/2018 of Shillong Teer or Shillong betting which is conducted on a daily basis except for Sunday. The common people can purchase the tickets which range between 1 to 100 Rs and then their dream numbers come into play.

50 archers for a time period of 30 minutes hit the target and after the prescribed time is over the number is formed through counting of the arrows or Teer. The last two digits of the number obtained after counting the Teer’s is the original lucky number.

This form of betting was legalized in the state of Meghalaya in the year 1982.

If you haven’t checked your Teer number today, check here!

Shillong Teer Betting Results

The Shillong Teer gambling releases their results around 03:45 PM. The results for the second round comes around 04:45 PM.

First Round (03:45 PM)

Second Round (04:45 PM)



Khanapara Teer Betting Results

The Khanapara Teer counter surfaces their results around 03:30 to 03:45 PM for round 1 and 04:30 PM for round 2.

First Round (03:45 PM)

Second Round (04:30 PM)



Juwai Teer Betting Results

Here are the results of Juwai Teer, we publish the results as soon as possible. Generally, the results of the first round come around 02:00 PM whereas, the second round results are surfaced around 03:00 PM.

First Round (01:55 PM)

Second Round (02:45 PM)



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