September 2, 2018
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Lotteries and gambling in Sikkim

By Anup Naik

Sikkim is the first Indian state that decided to legalize online gambling and lottery games. Most of us might have heard or played the online lottery game “Playwin”. It is one of the most popular online lottery games in India and is organized and governed by the state government of Sikkim. These licenses might also include making online betting on games like cricket, hockey, etc. legal.

A brief history

The history of lotteries can be explored way back in the 100BC when the Chinese people played Keno that involved the lucky draw system. Even the Great Wall of China is considered to be constructed from the money raised by the lottery schemes. Many countries have used the lotteries to empower their revenue and to aid the public welfare schemes over the years and though reluctantly, the Indian government too has stepped in with time.

Hurdles faced by the state governments

The Indian state governments had to go through numerous challenges while setting up the infrastructure, rules, and regulations for trading and selling of lotteries. Even the Sikkim government had to go through numerous bans imposed by the central government and Supreme Court before actually being able to legalize and start lottery schemes in their state.

The brighter side

In spite of all these restrictions and bans, the concept of lotteries and online gambling is finally gaining acceptance in the public domain. Online lottery playing platforms like Playwin have a major role in this as they have managed to create a sense of security and fair play in the minds of the people. Also, the Indians are now able to participate in the international online lottery games through the online mediums which is one thing which can make the lottery a global sensation in the coming years.

Anup Naik

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