September 1, 2018
| On 9 months ago

Assets seized worth Rs. 16crores from the people involved in Sikkim Lottery scam

By Anup Naik

Organizing lotteries are not banned in India which is in contradiction with the popular belief. However, the Supreme Court of India has allowed the state governments to decide whether or not they want to entertain lottery distribution in their states. Therefore, many states like Maharashtra, Sikkim, Kerala, etc. allow and organize lotteries in their state. Sikkim is one of the states where people prefer to play and organize lotteries more as compared to the others. The recent news shook the lottery playing community of India when the ED sized an amount more than 16crores which were related to the recent lottery scam in Sikkim.

What is this case?

According to the alleged complaint filed by CBI under the various sections and rules that come under Lottery Regulation Act of India, the sized money belongs to N. Jayamurugan and a group called M.J. Associates. M.J Associates belongs to the N. Jayamurugan and Mr. Martin who were supposedly indulging in unethical dealings and manipulations in order to gain financially.

What can be the effects of such scams?

Such scams can discourage people who are interested in lottery playing. A lottery is nowhere close to gambling and can be governed smoothly with set rules and guidelines. However, such incidents create doubt in the minds of people who engage in frequent lottery ticket purchases to make a fortune from something which completely depends on luck.

We hope that such incidents do not occur which malign the reputation of lottery dealers and authorities everywhere across the country. The state governments need to be more cautious about these dealings as they have themselves agreed to allow lottery organizations in their state. A fair environment is expected from lottery traders and organizations and therefore, it is their job to make the people feel secure and safe about their money.

Anup Naik

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