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November 16, 2018
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How to predict correct Indian Satta Matka numbers?

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

We all have dreamt once in our life of winning the lottery or winning the jackpot in a game of luck and our whole lives would be different, have we not?

And, every time we didn’t win we curse ourselves for not having the luck and we learned to live with it but what if I told you, that all those times you cursed yourself for not being lucky was nothing more than a mathematical calculation?

Yes, you read that right!

How to win a lottery jackpot?

Every game of chance or luck is actually a game of probability. Suppose, the chances of winning the lottery for you was 1/100 (meaning you can win it once if you try it out 100 times). It may vary with the total number of lottery tickets sold and may be the probability of winning the jackpot is 1/250. Now, if the lottery ticket price is INR 5 and you have to buy the same ticket for 250 times consecutively, it would cost you INR 1250 and let’s assume that the lottery jackpot is of INR 100,000 so after paying the taxes and merging the tickets price you end up with something north of INR 60,000. Now, the question remains why we don’t win? Well, the answer is most of us have not got that patience to try the same lottery out for 250 times consecutively. It doesn’t generally means that you will win the lottery in 250th time only, you might win it in the first go, or say in the 100th or any time from 1-250.

Why you should Play Responsibly?

But just to remind you as well that over a million tickets are sold of a lottery in a day and if we assume that 1 million tickets are sold daily for one particular lottery in a day, then the probability of winning the lottery for everyone becomes somewhere around 2739 years after dividing 1 million tickets or say days by 365, since 365 days make a year; you will have to wait for 2739 years which is completely impossible and illogical to even to think of because unless you are an immortal being you will end up bankrupt and your future generations will be in debt as well.

So, this is why we at Gambling India Info requests everyone to play responsibly.

Anyway, before getting back to winning the Satta Matka numbers, we would like to clarify that we, Gambling India Info, neither support or endorse the game of Satta Matka in any form because it is illegal to play in India and to steer away yourself from it, is the best thing to do.

However, if you are still hanging around to win the Indian Satta Matka or looking for Satta Matka tips then here you go:

Learn how the Indian Satta Matka charts work

The basic and foremost thing to do win Satta Matka is to learn the charts and not by learning, I mean, trying to mug up the numbers but learn the definitions of the words Open, Close, Jodi, Panel, Jackpot and Sangam. It is by when you learn these definitions, you get a basic idea on which number the next day Satta Matka will open. To calculate you have to add the last two digits of the closing numbers of two consecutive days and that will give you an idea of the opening number of the next day. The number that you get after adding the last two digits of the closing numbers subtract it with the first last digit number. For example, suppose the closing number on Saturday was 44 and the closing number of Friday was 32 then you should, add 4+2 = 6 which would give you an idea of the first digit of the opening number on the next day.

We will request you that before you go on predicting the numbers, you should follow the Satta Matka Charts for a two weeks at least and try to calculate the opening number for the next day because even if you get the first digit right, you need to get the last digit correct as well to win big.

There are various formats of Satta Matka in India and every game has its own chart and rule to calculate the numbers so first try to read and learn the format of the game. But then again, it is illegal and if you get caught playing Satta Matka, you could even be jailed and fined for playing it offline. For playing Satta Matka online, if you get caught the fine you have to pay hefty amount of even INR 10,000, 00.

Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

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