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September 2, 2018
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Historical Anecdote of Satta/Matka

By Anup Naik

Satta is the Indian term coined for gambling and betting, a thing which is a huge sensation in the west. However, with time Indians have too started to take active participation and interest in these games as there are many online mediums and sites that provide the opportunity of playing online betting and gambling games. Casinos in India provide revenue worth thousands of crores each year but the sad part is that it is still considered to be the “evil man’s game”. Each year the casinos provide hundreds of crores of revenue to the state governments like Goa.

Some facts

The earliest known Satta/Matka centers in India were started by Kalyanji Bhagat who introduced the Kalyan Matka in 1962. Similarly, the Worli Matka was founded in 1964 by a businessman Ratan Khatri. The prime location where these games flourished is Mumbai which had millions of mill workers, businessmen and youth playing these games. Today, the central Mumbai is considered to be the epicenter of these games but the Matka game saw a real gain of momentum by the mid 90’s. Also, Maharashtra is one state in which these games are played and followed the most.

Interesting stories

The world of gambling and betting was so enigmatic that even the Bollywood stars were not able to stay away from it especially in the mid-1970’s. A movie Dharmatma was based on the life and incidents of Ratan Khatri who was considered to be the Matka King of India. The movie was produced by the veteran actor Firoz Khan who even befriended him for understanding the nuances and details of gambling and betting.

Therefore, we can conclude that the Satta/Matka games also have a hint of glamour in them which can be used to promote them in the public domain.

Anup Naik

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