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September 3, 2018
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Gambling can be legalized in India in the coming future!

By Anup Naik

Gambling is going to be legalized in India soon if we consider the recent recommendations of CMS commission. It is good news for the die-hard fans and addicts of the game gambling which is called Satta or Matka across the country.  The commission recommended legislative reforms that would enable the government to incorporate gambling in a more refined manner. However, the betting on cricket matches or other sports are still going to be illegal as per the commission.

How can gambling be legalized?

As per the commission, the State governments can exercise their powers under the Article 249 or Article 252 for incorporating gambling in their federal structure. Also, the people who will earn a sizeable income from gambling will be subject to GST tax.

Specific recommendations of the commission

The CMS commission has made the following recommendations to legalize gambling in India:

  • The gambling can only be played in the centers which have license provided by the state governments.
  • The betting amount should be limited and the number of transactions made by an individual must be monitored to be kept under a set limit.
  • Huge amounts can be used to gamble only by the people who belong to higher revenue groups. This would reduce the stakes and more people could be kept away from the higher risk stakes.
  • A person would be allowed to make transactions only if he or she has linked their Aadhar card or Pan card. The same applies to the operators as well.
  • People belonging to lower revenue groups will be allowed to gamble only small amounts set and the limits should be decided by the state governments.
  • Proper surveillance should be done at all the centers to avoid illegal and unethical activities by gamblers or the employees of the gambling centers.

Anup Naik

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