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September 1, 2018
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The craze for Satta Matka is increasing day-by-day in India

By Anup Naik

According to a recent online survey, the craze for Satta Matka is increasing rapidly among youth and most of them prefer playing them on the online platforms. Though it is considered illegal in India, many online portals are providing real and virtual Matka and Satta games to entertain and for providing earning opportunities to the interested people. There have been instances when police have raided many Satta Matka trading centers and since then the demand for online Satta/Matka games has only increased.

Where did the Satta/Matka games originate?

The Satta/Matka games were originated in the United States of America and soon it spread to the other parts of the nation with people taking a huge interest in trying their luck with numbers. These games also found popularity in India after which they have been banned by the Indian government.

How are these games being played?

In the Satta Matka games, you will have to choose a number which you think can win the bumper prize. Among all the numbers chosen by the people after playing with a nominal fee amount, only one number gets selected and the rest all the people lose their money. However, people take this risk as the ticket fee is negligible and the amount to be won is huge which urges the people to try their luck.

Also, there are some Satta/Matka games in which you can choose a bracket which you think has the possibility of winning. Though the amount to be won in such games is comparatively low, the chances of winning some amount are greater in such games.

Online world!

These games have also found a huge craze in the online world and people now prefer online mediums to try their luck. The only reason they try their luck on the online platforms is that the chance of getting caught is relatively less.

Anup Naik

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