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August 9, 2017
| On 4 years ago

The Possibility of Betting Legalization in India

By Rajib Kar

Law Commission of India wants State Association’s view

The Law Commission of India wants State Association’s view before submitting its recommendations of the betting legalisation in the country. The Supreme Court has authorised the Law Commission to undertake this. However, the Lodha Committee which had recommended that the betting on cricket must be made legal in India has initiated the SC.

Sanjay Singh, the member secretary of the Law Commission, urged the Commission. He requested to examine both betting and gambling given their intertwining nature. The Law Commission is trying to reach various stakeholders to get their observations and suggestions. The top officials think that that the received views will be valuable in taking recommendations (on betting) forward.

The legalisation of betting has turned one of the most discussed topics in the cricket loving country, especially after the match-fixing scandal in 2000. Lodha Committee has recommended a structural renovation of Indian cricket administration. Perhaps it is an indirect consequence of the IPL’s spot-fixing episode. Betting is legal in India only for Horse Racing. As a result, betting on cricket operates in an unregulated environment. It runs by illegal bookmakers. If approved, the legalization will benefit country’s economy, alongside the sporting environment.

As per to the committee, betting should be legalized only with the following safeguards. Licenses would be issued to those who submit the bets along with the age and identification details recorded. The Administrators, Players, and others associates need to submit the details of their incomes and assets.

Rajib Kar

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