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August 25, 2017
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Police Nabs 28 People For Gambling On a moving bus.

By Zeyb Zubairy

Police Seized Rs. 3.52 Lakhs Along With The Bus

In a bizarre incident that came to light, police arrested 28 people for gambling on a moving bus. The gamblers quite necessarily didn’t need to be in the comfort of their home to gamble and were at ease gambling on a running bus.

The police discovered on a private luxury bus on Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway that gambling was going on the running bus. Police captured 28 people who were aboard gambling in the running coach.

A police team from Limbdi stopped the bus coming from Upleta near Avantika Hotel, after a tip-off on Wednesday night. Police found the passengers gambling on the cards and arrested them. The Police have seized Rs 3.52 lakhs in cash along with the bus.

The accused are from Moti Marad village near Upleta and were on their way to Shirdi and Saputara for a leisure trip and started gambling on the moving bus, thinking no one would catch them.

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