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July 22, 2019
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Online Casino Reviews Spain: What You Need to Know

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

Online Casino Reviews Spain: What You Need to Know

Spain is a member of the EU and uses the Euro as its native currency. Thanks to the currency, gamblers in Spain have access to a wide range of online casinos. Europe has one of the largest online gambling markets. As such, it is easy to find gambling sites that accept the Euro.

Spanish online casinos are just like any gambling site that accepts players from Spain and accepts transactions in Euro. Although the legal landscape for online casinos in Spain has seen some changes, Spanish citizens have access to legal online gaming. Significant changes are on the horizon for the Spanish online gambling market as the Spanish government looks to regulate online gambling as it is done in the U.S. and some members of the EU.

The Legal Landscape for Online Gambling In Spain

The Spanish online gambling market is fairly regulated. All forms of gambling in Spain are legal. This includes traditional casino gambling, sportsbooks, lotteries, and online casino gambling. The government controls all these forms of gambling.

Legal gambling in Spain started in the late 20th century. Up until the 1970s, all forms of gambling in Spain were illegal, except state-sponsored lotteries. In 1977, the Spanish government legalized and started regulating and controlling skill-based games as it looked to boost its revenue collections.

However, the government was not comfortable with legalizing games of chances; therefore, it took another four years before luck-based games were legalized.

Today, the gambling market in Spain is in a renaissance period, making it one of the busiest markets in the gambling industry. Spanish citizens spend twice as much on gambling each year. Because many people in Spain engage in gambling, new legislation was approved by the Spanish government to give them a piece of the gambling pie.

When Spain was divided into 17 administrative divisions in 2008, each region was granted the right to issue gambling licenses. As we speak, Spain is home to more than 40 land-based casinos and over 240,000 gambling machines such as slots in bars and airports.

Being a football-crazed county, Sportsbooks are very popular, with sports betting contributed significantly to the huge gaming revenue generated in Spain.

New online gambling legislations in Spain have been changing to take root in the online marketplace. As from 2002, the government started looking into ways to legalize and regulate online gambling and allow gambling sites to acquire gaming licenses from the government.  Spanish online gambling licenses are expected to be available to EU-based online casinos in the near future.

In other words, online gambling is legal throughout Spain. As a matter of fact, gamblers in Spain will soon have a wide range of new options for gambling online, thanks to the involvement of the Spanish government in regulating and controlling online casinos.

Online Casinos and Playing For Real Money in Spain

The Euro is not only one of the strongest but also one of the most valuable currencies globally. It also happens to be one of the most widely accepted currency at gambling sites. Choosing an online casino that accepts financial transactions in Euros can save you a lot of money in conversion fees.

Since the Euro is the native currency of Spain, it is vital for Spanish gamblers to choose online casinos that accept deposits and withdrawals in Euros. Although currency conversion might be possible, especially since most eWallets and other online payment services providers have their own currency conversion systems, many online casinos accept the Euro, and there is no reason to choose a payment method that involves currency conversion.

In addition, choose online casinos that offer their customer support and software in Spanish. Most Spanish citizens speak Spanish as it is their native language, although a small population speaks Catalan.

Finding an online gambling site that supports the Spanish language is much easier than finding one that supports Catalan. The good news is that most international online casinos offer customer support in Spanish, and their software is also available in Spanish.

With a wide range of online casinos customized for Spanish players, you don’t have to incur currency conversion fees or struggle with a language you don’t understand.

What Is The Future Of Online Gambling?

The Spanish Council of Ministers is discussing legislation that will be fast-track through the political systems to implement laws that will establish a tax plan for all online wagers. These laws will also define the legal framework of the Spanish online gambling system. This will enable online casinos to acquire licenses and work with Spanish gamblers.

The Spanish government was not comfortable with the “legal vacuum” that the online gambling market operated in; the same legal vacuum that gambling sites occupy in the U.S. Without a proper legal framework to regulate and control online gambling in Spain, the government was literally allowing uncontrolled gambling. Spain is definitely an example to be emulated by other governments.

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