October 1, 2018
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Nagaland State Lotteries Dear Loved Tuesday Results- 2 October 2018

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

The Nagaland state government will be announcing the results of dear loved Tuesday on 2 October 2018 from 04:00 pm onwards on its official website.

The Nagaland state government announces the today lottery result every Tuesday will be and today lottery results will also be flashed on the official site. The participants who have invested in buying the lottery tickets can also check the results of today lottery sambad from our website as well. This might just be your lucky Tuesday folks!

Nagaland State Lottery

Dear Loved Tuesday Results

1st Prize 26.01 Lakhs/-

Cons. Prize 9500/-

2nd Prize 9000/-

3rd Prize 500/-

4th PrizeĀ  250/-

5th Prize 120/-

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