April 13, 2019
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Mizoram lottery is going to release the results on 11th April 2019, Check below

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

Mizoram lottery to release the results on 11th April 2019, Check below!!

Mizoram will be releasing its lottery results online on 13th of April 2o019 at around 04:00 PM. People around the country will get the opportunity to win a big amount of 8000 as the  first price winner. Only a lucky winner will be able to get this amount. If you haven’t invested your money on lotteries and still curious to try your luck then you can visit our website know your fate. The state government of Mizoram update their lottery result daily and few lucky ones get a chance to win a massive amount on a daily basis.

To know the today’s lottery draw, visit our website ‘Gambling India Info and see what this day has brought for you.

OLD RESULTS: Mizoram lottery result to be out on 12 April 2019

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