August 31, 2018
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Lotteries can be a new source of revenue for state governments says an authority governing lottery distribution – 31 st August 2018

By Anup Naik

According to a recent survey made it is found that permitting lotteries in various states can actually resolve the issue of employment and can also prove to be a source of revenue to the state governments. The only thing which should be done is to regulate the taxation and structure of ticket distribution and rules.

The sale of lotteries is allowed in states like Kerala, Goa, etc. and these states profit a huge sum of the amount annually says Kamlesh Vijay CEO of a lottery distributor which is governed by the state. He also added that the lotteries have the capacity to amass anywhere up to 35000 crores on a yearly basis. This amount is huge for any state and also gives the state an opportunity to generate employment. He further explained that more than 10 lacks of jobs can be generated by starting lottery schemes throughout our country.

Developed countries like the U.S, China, etc. use lotteries to fund their public welfare schemes, healthcare development, development of sports and much more. Even smaller economies like Indonesia and Malaysia are benefiting hugely through lotteries. Therefore, developing countries like India can surely benefit by incorporating lotteries in the state government schemes.

In some parts of India like Sikkim, Meghalaya, etc. lotteries have been permitted but those are not in the great state especially due to the negligence of state and central government. However, they must also consider the fact that Matkas and lotteries are being run illegally in many Indian states which is a direct loss to the local bodies and government ruling there. Considering all these facts we can hope that the Indian government can come up with better ideas and set new guidelines which are not only strict but also profitable to some extent.

Anup Naik

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