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September 1, 2018
| On 9 months ago

Yet another Karunya lottery results declared on 1-09-2018

By Anup Naik

Just two days after the declaration of the K227 results, the KR360 Karunya results have also been declared on 1st September 2018. The KR360 lottery had been sold after seven days which had begun on 18th August 2018. However, it was postponed due to the heavy rainfall and floods in most parts of the dates. Therefore, people who had purchased the lottery tickets had to wait for some time for the results and were happy that the results were finally declared.

Why is KR360 Karunya lottery special?

The sale of KR360 Karunya lottery tickets is huge as compared to other lottery tickets and therefore one of the most anticipated lotteries in the state. It gets predominately sold in the northern part of Kerala and the residents of Kazargode and Kozhikode participate the most in this lucky draw.

Ways of checking the KR360 Karunya result:

Step 1:

Keep the KR360 Karunya lottery ticket with you.


The format of the prize will be in 6 digits and the results will be out in the form of four or six digits. Count the last four digits of the lottery ticket and match it with the result which is downloaded.


Also, ensure that the six-digit matches with the results or not.


The process is now complete and if everything goes well you are bound to win a huge amount of money. Best of luck!

Availability of the declared results:

The declared results will be open for viewing till 30 days once the results are out. Therefore, you have ample of time to check the results even if you are going to be busy for some days. Play KR360 lottery and get a chance to test your luck!

Anup Naik

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