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September 4, 2018
| On 9 months ago

Stree Shakti SS122 results finally to be announced on 4th September 2018

By Anup Naik

After the tragedy of floods, Kerala is finally coming to normal terms again and the people have started to gather the bits of their lives which were scattered or drowned under the huge mass of water. These floods had an impact on the lottery business as well as most of the results were postponed due to the sudden calamity.

Reason for delay

The results of Stree Shakti SS122 were canceled last Tuesday due to the obvious reasons. However, they are going to be revealed this Tuesday which is the 4th of September 2018. The anticipation of this result is huge and people from all over the state have bought these tickets. However, the people from Alappuzha seem to be the most excited as the maximum tickets were sold in this region. More than 60 lacks of tickets have been sold till now which is a huge sale considering the conditions that were prevalent in the state.

Sad part

Even though most of the tickets were sold, the chances of a huge number of tickets being drowned in the floods cannot be negated. This can be a sad part especially for the ones who might have won the prize but cannot claim the prize due to unavailability of the ticket. However, let us hope that the people who win the prize money and are able to claim it actually deserve it and let us also hope that this and many more such results bring a smile of the faces of at least a few flood victims.

Bright side

There is also a bright side to the story! Wonder what? People who have never played the lottery too can participate in the draw by buying the tickets. This shall not only ensure that the state has additional revenue but the winners can also donate some part of their prize money to the CM relief fund.

Anup Naik

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