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June 8, 2019
| On 2 weeks ago

Kerala state lottery to announce the results for Karunya on 8 June 2019

By Parul Raina

Karunya results out, Check Here!

One can’t make money without any effort at all. Some amount of effort is necessary. Extra money is something that won’t be a bad thing for anybody in this world.

Lotteries are something that can help you make extra money without actually losing your time and energy. Your luck can kick in anyday and change things completely.

The state government of Kerala will announce the results of the Karunya at 3 pm on 8 June 2019. A single lottery can change so much in a person’s life, future plans can be made and investment of the money in the right place.

Those who invested and participated in this lottery will get a chance to win a big amount of money and those who lost their chance should not be disappointed as there is a new chance to win everyday.

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Parul Raina

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