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September 3, 2018
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Kerala Nava lottery to be launched today – 03rd September 2018

By Anup Naik

Finally after all the hype and anticipation, the much awaited Kerala Nava lottery is set to be launched today i.e. Monday 3rd September 2018. The lottery scheme was designed to amass rescue funds and to provide relief in the form of prize money to a large number of people who were affected by the recent floods that shook the God’s own country.

This period is crucial

After the flood waning away this week all the residents felt a huge relief. However, the state government knew that this period is more crucial since the after-effects of floods can be epidemics, diseases and lots of problems due to the dirt and nuisance created by the water that swallowed down everything. The disposal of digital waste in the form of televisions, mobiles, computers and other electronic products that were submerged under the water is also a huge challenge that the state has to face. In all these chaos and hustles, this month is going to be very important to the residents of Kerala. All of them hope that the little relief and sum of money provided by the Kerala Nava Lottery will be the cause of some joy or happiness among the people.

Figures & facts

The state government is all set to print as much as 90 lacks of lottery tickets which will be distributed through the NGO’s and associations. More than 40 lacks of tickets have been already printed and more are going to be printed soon according to the official news. Approximately 85crores of INR is expected to be collected by selling these tickets and the top prizes will consist of 90 winners who will receive the prize money of Rs. 1 lack and 100000 winners who will receive the prize money of Rs. 5000.

Anup Naik

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