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September 21, 2018
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The heated tussle over the Nava Kerala Lottery

By Shalini Singh @Shalini_Singh15

The Kerala government has launched the Nava lottery for collecting additional funds for the Chief Ministers Distress Fund (CMDRF) with hopes of collecting close to Rs 100 crore through the lotteries.  They aim to reconstruct the flood-battered state where over 300 people had lost their lives in the floods resulted from torrential monsoon rains. However, the Kozhikode Corporation council meeting on Wednesday saw some heated arguments being exchanged after councillor MC Sudhamani accused that Kudumbashree neighbourhood groups were being burdened with Nava Kerala Lottery.

The Congress councilor from Kallai said that the group members were being compelled to buy the four lottery tickets each which would approximately cost them Rs. 1,000.

To members who themselves are flood survivors and for the people who have already contributed their bit to the relief fund, this lottery has come as an added burden.

However, Deputy Mayor Meera Darshak and councillor M.M. Padmavathi clarified that it was not necessary to buy the tickets and said that only those groups that volunteered were asked to sell them.

What is Nava Lottery lottery?

State finance and lotteries minister Thomas Isaac had announced about the latest initiative of Kerala government on 3 September where he also stated that entire proceeds would go to the CMRDF.

“We have named the lottery as ‘Ashwas’ and there would be the first prize of Rs 1 Lakh in each series and we will give away Rs 5,000 on 1,08,000 tickets,” Isaac had quoted.

The state government has printed 96 lakh tickets in nine series. We target raising Rs 100 crore which will be the net profit for the state government assuming we are able to sell 96 lakh tickets.

How much would a Nava Kerala Lottery ticket cost?

Each ticket would Rs 250 for the buyer which can be purchased from any authorized lottery retailer, NGOs, resident associations and political organizations. The draw is scheduled to take place on October 3.

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