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September 2, 2018
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Glorious history of lotteries in Kerala

By Anup Naik

Embarking the 50th year since the first lottery ticket was sold on 1st of November 2018, the Kerala lottery department is just two months away from celebrating its first golden jubilee. Therefore, it also marks the fifty years that engulfs within itself the fortune stories, the crores of rupees given away, the despair of losing a huge sum by just one number, the hope of unlocking the bumper prize one day and much more. Also, the lotteries have allowed the State government to amass huge revenue. It has also helped them to provide relief to the victims of disastrous calamities like the recent floods that hit this gifted state by raising funds through the sale of lottery tickets. All of this and much more, in a nutshell, is almost impossible to describe!

A brief historical anecdote!

Lotteries prevailed in Kerala much before 1967 but it was in 1967 that the Kerala government put restrictions on the selling of private lotteries and started its own state government-run lottery schemes. The main purpose behind this was to strengthen the state economy, providing employment opportunity and to finance public welfare schemes.

A man who has seen it all!

TM Yakove is the man who is obsessed with his hobby of collecting lottery tickets. He has put them in the right order from his first ticket till the last one he purchased in a perfect order and did not lose even one of them in all these years. A great hobby that also gives a person chance to win huge amounts one might say but here is the irony to it; the man has not won even once in all these years. Some might pity him for that but he does not care about winning anymore. It’s has become more like a habit for him to purchase the tickets and arranging them in perfect order.

Anup Naik

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