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November 13, 2017
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Gambling ring busted in East Delhi, police arrests three

By Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

Delhi Police recently raided a residential building in Shahdara, an eastern locality of Delhi, after getting an anonymous tip from a source about an online roulette racket going on illegally. On Thursday, Delhi police arrested three miscreants from the residential building who were running the online gambling roulette for the past few months illegally.

The group would run the online racket through a favourite messaging app called WhatsApp. Not everyone could join the online gambling racket as players; it would require a particular recommendation from the peer groups of those team members. Players were needed to register by paying INR 100 through an E-wallet and they will be given their login password on their WhatsApp message. Speaking of the same DCP Shahdara, Nupur Prasad, told the media that, “This whole online racket was run on WhatsApp. They used it to send the passwords to the players and all the other information of the game such as declaring betting amounts and other conversations were done on WhatsApp. The only players who could join the gambling racket had a reference of the peer groups on the mobile app, and then they would be added to the gambling group on WhatsApp.”

The three people who are accused of the racket are Karandeep Singh, Harjeet Singh and Monu. Karandeep being the brain of the fraud got this idea after they all three had lost their jobs and wanted to do something for quick money. On the day of the arrests, the police also seised a mobile phone with all the contacts of their gambling racket, a computer and INR 4000 in cash as betting money.

It was a welcoming platform for the players too as they needed only INR 100 to pay as an entry fee to the online casino and once the entry fee is received the customer would be given a password for playing the online game on their mobile phones or computers. As it was an illegal venture, the players didn’t need to pay any money to the government as a tax percentage. The gambling was running for the past few months, and when the police busted the racket, they found more than a dozen of people playing the game at the moment, online.

In another raiding operation by the Delhi police, they caught 11 people gambling in a guesthouse in Shrestha Vihar which is also in east Delhi last week. A total of Rs 4.97 lakh betting money and 156 playing cards were seised from the guesthouse, police said.

Koustav Shaw @@GodKoustav

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