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August 8, 2017
| On 4 years ago

Is Fantasy Wagering Legalized in India?

By Rajib Kar

High Court Speaks in Favor of Legalized Fantasy Wagering

2 High Courts in India speak in favour of legalised fantasy wagering. Mr Varun Gumber was expecting to get reimbursed $780 on a fantasy cricket wagering site. He raised this issue. Interestingly, the operation was declared illegal. Gumber made his registration on 9th March and transferred Rs 50,000 to the given account. He deposited that amount through his credit card to participate in various leagues created on the concerned website. By choosing 11 players at, he had created a virtual team for a cricket match between Ireland and Afghanistan. But he lost Rs 24,000 at the end of the game.

India has a complicated gambling legislation. We are not clear whether these games are falling under the remit of gambling or not. First time in India’s History, Punjab and Haryana High Court has had to deal with the legality of gambling. Hence, Fantasy Wagering does not come under the concerned banner. It needs an active skill.

Horse racing is a fair and skill-driven game in India for last few years. But the rule is not applicable for the lotteries. However, the numbers of lottery ventures are insufficient. As per Justice Rawal, gambling requires substantial skill, efforts, and statistics. As per expectation, the new shape of fantasy wagers could attract many potential gamblers. The company, on the opposite side, has denied the allegations. Officials say that the game keeps its registration with the ministry of commerce and the income tax department.

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