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October 31, 2017
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Bookie-In-A-Briefcase: INR One Billion Betting Money Busted From Gurgaon Bungalow

By Rajib Kar

The income tax authorities from Goa has busted into a lavish bungalow based in Gurgaon Phase II. It is believed that the bungalow has been used as their headquarters by a racketeer group, running a betting network across the country.

According to the tax officials, the cricket betting network which began in localities of Goa has reached all the way to Gurgaon, presently known as Gurugram, a hub for money making process. The racketeer group has already made over one billion in Indian currency from the recent international series played by the Indian cricket team in their homeland. Eyebrows were raised when a casino in Goa, made unknown transactions other than their usual transactions. When the income tax authorities started tracing the bread crumbs they reached to a bungalow in Gurgaon which was responsible for the transactions made 1800 km away from its origin. Apart from the bungalow, the officials of tax department also conducted searches in other suspected places in Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, and of course in Goa as well.

Goa tax department has seized two crores cash, jewellery, and an unspecified amount of foreign currency. The businessman at the centre of the racket said about earning 0.9 billion unaccounted earnings after the raid. A tax official told the media, “This is the most sophisticated betting racket that I have ever seen.”

The operators of betting had developed a mini-telephone exchange which was small enough to fit into two briefcases. They had invested a lot into their communication infrastructure. The mini-telephone exchange we are talking about was connected with a laptop, 27 mobile phones, and smartphones. This racket was active during the One Day International tournament between India and New Zealand. Gurgaon police handed the accused along with the betting gadgets after initial questioning made to the house owner.

Rajib Kar

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